Yin is the sigil of Youth. To study Yin is to see the Realm through fresh eyes everyday and to overturn the past in favour of the new. Energy of the Realm, Yin’s sphere of influence, covers meanings from inexperience to boundless enthusiasm.

The SigilEdit

Yin is composed of a split bar with another smaller bar driven through it. This represents the sapling growing, reaching its searching tendrils out above the ground. Another amusing interpretation put forward by Disciples of Yan is that Yin represents a man turned on its head, feet in the air, peddling madly.

As a Warrior Stone, Yin either has the top two points used, or anything below the horizontal line, depending on the sigil. As a Booster Stone, Yin has the tendency to use its top two points to replace a line with only one.


Opposite Sigil:

Used by:


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