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Trouble in Paradise

The Wizards of Yan are the most powerful beings of RaDos. They were responsible for the creation of the Di-Gata Defenders to protect the realm from evil.


Fifty years ago, the Wizards and the Yintos Army fought against the Ethos. They managed to banish the Ethos away with the Celestial Abyss, and five Wizards hid a piece of the machine in case the Ethos were to return. One Wizard hid an Icon on the Raath-Marak, and was able to seal it away by using the two lost sigils.

When the Ethos were imprisoned, the result led to the birth of the Megalith. Along with the previous Defenders' help, they built the Machine of Binding in order to seal the Megalith. Nowadays, they no longer exist except for a select few.

Defender ProjectEdit

Even as the Wizards first clashed with the Ethos, they realized they would need a new class of warrior capable of fighting and defeating their ancient nemesis. Thus the secret Defender Project was born, a program with the sole aim of breeding a warrior whose only purpose was the complete and utter destruction of the Ethos. The early inceptions of this warrior class proved promising but were not powerful enough to push the Ethos back. The graduates of this initial program eventually became the Di-Gata Defenders, a police and protection force for the people of RaDos but the project continued in secret.  

During the War of Binding, the project suffered a disastrous set back as the traitor wizard Nazmul sent minions to destroy many of its founders and instructors. It was thought that all of the warrior aspirants were destroyed at this time but one survived, a young child only just newly born, Rion, the last hope of defeating the Ethos for good. Professor Alnar arranged for the safe transport of Rion and he was placed under the protection of Tzur

Notable MentionsEdit

  • Alram, a powerful wizard who headed the Council of Altamar after the defeat of the Bakkorian Kings.
  • Aron "Sum-Breaker", a warrior credited for single handedly destroying the Rokoran (a giant sand and stone guardian controlled by the Bakkorian Prince Hakotem). He also played a pivotal role in establishing an order of Di-Gata stone wielding warriors, whose role was to enforce the Precepts of Altamar (the document of law laid out by the Council) and to protect the Wizards of Yan. This order would be the foundation that the Defenders was built on.

Known WizardsEdit