We're No Guardian Angels
Season 2, Episode 9
Airdate November 18, 2007
Production No. 209
Writers Terry Saltsman
Directors Greg Collinson
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We're No Guardian Angels is the ninth episode of the second season.


Seth and Rion have a large dispute after Brackus goes on his trip. Seth decides to leave Rion at the dojo and brings the other Defenders with him to check out a distress signal. A prison break has occurred at the Gata-Shin Prison, where the Zads spring Si'i. They kidnap Si'i so Malco can get information about modifying his Guardianizer. Malco realizes that Rion is a large threat to him, and wishes to control him by transforming him into a guardian. While the Defenders are still at the Gata-Shin prison, Rion responds to another distress signal, which turns out to be a trap. Flinch awaits Rion there with a modified Guardianizer and turns Rion into a mutated guardian.

Rion goes berserk and wrecks a town. The Defenders return to find out about Rion's disappearance, so they travelled to the second distress signal. They find Flinch running away from Rion, the destroyer, and demand an explanation. Flinch confesses that he tricked Rion and turned him into a guardian. They need to lure Rion back to the Guardianizer, so Seth offers to be turned into a mutated guardian, however he will be under mind protection from Mel to avoid going berserk as well. He confronts Rion and forces him to calm down, also saving the village from the volcano's magma. He succeeds, and brings Rion back to the Guardianizer, after hearing Mel scream (the Ethos attempted to reclaim the Guardianizer after Flinch ran).

Mixing up the stone's settings, Flinch turns Seth and Rion back to their original forms. Si'i then gets struck with falling debris after attempting to throw off Flinch. Unfortunately, Si'i falls into the lava pool and the Guardianizer's final use turns him into a mutated guardian. He then flies away, leaving the Defenders behind. Seth and Rion make up for their earlier dispute, and become allies once more.


Di-Gata Defenders 209 We're No Guardian Angels

Di-Gata Defenders 209 We're No Guardian Angels