Von Faustien
Season 2, Episode 10
Airdate November 25, 2007
Production No. 210
Writers Ben Joseph
Directors Greg Collinson
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Von Faustien is the tenth episode of the second season.


Mel finds out the location of the first Icon, but the dojo's warning systems pick up a disturbance which the Defenders immediately respond to. Upon arriving, they meet a man named Von Faustien, and they are attacked by an Ethos Sigil Slayer. Von Faustien defeats the Ethos with his special gun. He tells his life story to the Defenders: when the war against the Ethos was over, he was left with no family. With Ethos beasts still on the loose, he dedicated his life to hunting them down, even if it meant that others are hurt in the process.

He shows them to the tomb where the first Icon is located, only to find an Ethos woman, Lady K'tahsh, who is waiting for them. While the others fight against her with little luck, Seth goes to find the Icon. When he finds it, K'tahsh comes to claim it. Using his visor, Seth discovers that an Ethos is inside her, but more surprisingly, as well as Von Faustien. K'tahsh takes the Icon and unleashes the tomb's vicious guardian: the Desiccator. It manages to swallow Rion, but is defeated when Mel feeds it a large consumption of water, causing it to explode.

Von Faustien has gone after K'tahsh, but is traced by Seth. In a small town, Von Faustien threatens to use an Annihilator stone to finish K'tahsh off. However, the Defenders arrive and figure out that the Ethos inside him was what caused his behaviour. K'tahsh uses her swords to awaken the Ethos inside Von Faustien, who accidentally sets off the Annihilator. With his gun, Erik has to make the decision whether to save his friends or Von Faustien, who is about to leave with K'tahsh. He chooses the latter and Von Faustien kills the Ethos as K'tahsh flees. The Annihilator is about to explode, but Erik uses his gauntlet coupled with a crystal Faustien gave him earlier to save the town. Just as Rion is about to call it a day, Mel finds the next Icon. Meanwhile, K'tahsh brings the Icon to Malco. As she leaves, Malco thinks of his plan to convert Rion to the Ethos.


Di-Gata Defenders 210 Von Faustien

Di-Gata Defenders 210 Von Faustien