Vitus Stone


Ultra Rare

Sigil Type


First Appearance

Carved in Stone

The Vitus Stone is a very rare stone. Its power is so great that it can only be used once, before the stone is destroyed.


The stone is carved by Brim. Because of the strength of the sigil, a Wizard of Yan is needed to channel the energy: Mel. But Brim also claims to require a powerful Champion Stone to create the ninth sigil. However, this is not the case, as Brim simply wanted to have the Nova Stone for himself.

When Mel picks up the Dako Pure Stone, she is overcome by the Megalith's energy, and is put into a comatose state. In order to save her, Seth uses the Vitus Stone to free Mel. The stone's power is strong enough that it purges the Megalith's presence from her.


  • Even though the Vitus Stone is a Champion Stone, the carving on the stone is not a henge, it is a sigil.

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