First Appearance

Dark Equinox, Part One

Voiced by


Tzur is a giant two-faced rock golem, that lived in the temple that Rion was training in before he met the Defenders.


It was the only family Rion had during his training. Its first face was on its stomach and appeared monstrous (spoke like a male). The second one was on the head and had a caring face (spoke like a female).

It told the Defenders about the Shift Stone's purpose, and where they need to go to open the portal to get Kara out. It also gave the guardian stone containing Arvengus to Rion, telling him to "use it when the time comes".


While the Zads attacked the temple, Tzur creates a portal to allow the Defenders to escape to the Yin-Tos Ridge. But because of the portal's size, Tzur wasn't able to fit inside of it.

Tzur sacrificed itself at the hands of the Zad and their Ethos stones so the others could escape. Before the Defenders escaped, Rion was traumatized by the loss and eventually revealed his dark incarnation power to kill one of the Zad and cause the others to retreat in fear.

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