Trouble in Paradise
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate August 12, 2006
Production No. 101
Writers Ken Cuperus
Directors Sean Jeffrey
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The Road Less Traveled

Trouble in Paradise is the first episode of the first season.


The Defenders' secret training is interrupted when an earthquake signals that the monstrously evil Megalith is breaking free. Their mentor, Professor Alnar, reveals to them that their training will not be completed. They must immediately embark on a dangerous mission to re-imprison the Megalith by recovering the four Pure Stones. Before the Defenders can leave the Dojo and start on their epic quest they are attacked by a vicious Rock Serpent and must face their first full on Di-Gata battle!


DiGata Defenders 101 Trouble in Paradise21:07

DiGata Defenders 101 Trouble in Paradise

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