The Spell Zone
Season 2, Episode 21
Airdate April 27, 2008
Production No. 221
Writers Ben Joseph
Directors Greg Collinson
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The Spell Zone is the twenty-first episode of the second season.


Mel has a nightmare where Kor attacks her. She wakes up and the others comfort her. The wizard stones then surround Rion, giving them the location of the fourth Icon —at the Pinnacle. Erik stays behind to monitor. The others make it to the Pinnacle but Kor had also arrived. In the ensuring fight, where the undead is invincible, Rion encounters his "other" self. Though he conquers it, Kor takes the Icon. He tells Rion to relay to Mel to meet with him at the Spell Zone, in a courthouse.

Meanwhile, Brackus meets with K'Tahsh, using a stone to control her and release the Ethos inside. He is protected through use of a spell, which prevents the Ethos from touching him. He gives an offer to the Ethos - control of the Celestial Abyss and sole consumption of all Di-Gata energy in RaDos; the Ethos agrees. Back at the Pinnacle, the Defenders stumble upon a recording of Kor's trial. The Wizards punished him with the most barbaric punishment that hasn't been used in centuries — Arkham Mal Rash, only to be used when someone harms a fellow Wizard. Knowing that RaDos lies in the balance and as the last Wizard, she holds the responsibility, Mel accepts the challenge.

She meets with Kor, who tortures her a few times before they enter a duel to the death a second time. Kor was very mad that the Wizards didn't hear him, blaming them for not making peace with the Ethos, saying he did not have authorization and that he was trying to save himself. Mel knows that if he is to be freed, she must end it. So, she used her powers to throb her spear right through Kor, destroying him. She takes the four Icons just as the Courthouse collapsed. Meanwhile, two kids Erik encountered at the mine (Azura and her brother) where the ship was buried, broke into the dojo, claiming they want to be trained as Defenders. After a futile chase all around, Erik accepts them, but not before having them clean the dishes. Brackus, who just arrived, is very suspicious as to why the kids have arrived; he and Erik decide to keep an eye on them.


Di-Gata Defenders 221 The Spell Zone21:37

Di-Gata Defenders 221 The Spell Zone


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