The Shift Stone


Timer, Key

Bound To


First Appearance


The Shift Stone is a powerful device, linking RaDos to the Dark Realm.


Six of the eight sigils are engraved on each face of the stone, and rotate as time goes on. When all the sigils are aligned, the timer reaches 0 and Rados has an equinox. At this point, the device can be used as a key at the Shift Beacon to open a portal between the Dark Realm (where the Ethos reside) and RaDos itself.

Large amounts of energies are required along with the Shift Stone to open larger portals or for people to get out of the Dark Realm and back to RaDos.


The Defenders acquired this stone from one of the Zad and used it to open the portal to the Dark Realm to rescue Kara and stop the Ethos simultaneously.

The Ethos who were currently in RaDos fused the Shift Stone to the Beacon but Erik was able to pry it out with his father's tools, barely managing to get it out before more Ethos entered RaDos.