The Road Less Traveled
Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate August 19, 2006
Production No. 102
Writers Ken Cuperus
Directors Sean Jeffrey
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The Road Less Traveled is the second episode of the first season.


On their way to the Monastery of Amos-Yan to recover the Key, a device which will lead them to the four Pure Stones, the Di-Gata Defenders are ambushed by a band of Rougon. The inexperienced Defenders find themselves trapped and only escape with the aid of Adam, a mysterious rogue. Seth is sceptical and jealous of this mysterious newcomer and suspects he's a thief as well, driving him away but not before Adam took a "souvenir" - Seth's Nova Stone.

Meanwhile, agents of the dreaded Order of Infinis, an evil organization intent on the release of the Megalith, arrive at the monastery ahead of the Defenders and ransack the place.

The Defenders come to a bridge and are unsure if they want to cross it. Mel reveals of another passage through a swamp but Erik is already ahead, jumping on the bridge to show that it is stable. Big mistake. It seems fine at first, but after the others get further onto the bridge the rope starts to give way. Erik, who had already got off the bridge, realized this but not in enough time. The rope snapped and Seth and Mel held on for dear life while Kara was dangling helplessly by her leg, which had gotten snagged by the rope. Her guardian stone plummets down into the swamp beneath them. Erik used his guardian to secure the bridge and Kara and Seth get across safely. While Mel is still on the bridge, the rope again snaps and she is forced to track through the swamp and go meet the others at the monastery.

While in the swamp, Mel finds Kara's stone and a group of Amphitigons. Her stones get knocked in the water and she searches frantically for them but is saved by, who else, Adam. They set off together but are stopped by the same beasts as before. They reveal to Mel that he paid them to attack her so he could come to the rescue. They attack Adam fiercely until he gave them proper payment - the Nova stone. Mel is furious and leaves in a storm of rage. Finally all the Defenders meet and they head for the monastery, which when they get there, they see, is destroyed.


DiGata Defenders 102 The Road Less Travelled21:34

DiGata Defenders 102 The Road Less Travelled


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