The Professor







First Appearance

The Lost Children

Voiced by

Seán Cullen

The Professor was a mad scientist who searching for proof that humanity had come to RaDos from another planet.

The MineEdit

He discovered down in a mine a virus that was invariably lethal to adult species, yet harmless against children. After learning that children were immune to the virus, he started abducting them using his inventions to lure children to the mine then trap them. This caused the surrounding towns believe that the area was haunted, prompting the Di-Gata Defenders to investigate. Rion was soon abducted after looking for the children and was forced by the Professor to help find the proof he needed.

Space CraftEdit

Eventually he found an ancient space craft, proving his theory that humanity was indeed from another planet, and not native to RaDos. Rion and Seth soon followed and the Professor discovered the ship's power cell, which activated a transmission from the original captain. The transmission explained that the ship had been forced to make an emergency landing on RaDos after an outbreak of the aforementioned virus and a confrontation with the Raath-Marak, and warned not to disturb the ship to avoid risking an outbreak of the virus. Though Seth and Rion were sceptical about the appearance of the ship captain, the Professor surmised that humanity evolved into its current form due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Obsessed with his discovery, the Professor attempts to move the ancient ship to an unspecified university, despite the risk of causing the virus to get loose. Rion ends up inadvertently killing the Professor by damaging his bio suit, causing him to be contaminated by the virus, to which he perishes.