The Magnificent Two
Season 2, Episode 5
Airdate October, 14, 2007
Production No. 205
Writers Franklin Young
Directors Greg Collinson
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The Magnificent Two is the fifth episode of the second season.


The Defenders must now recover the Nova stone before Nazmul is freed and regains control of the Order of Infinis. Erik is left to train Rion, as Mel and Seth go on their search. Meanwhile, Kid Cole makes his second appearance, and takes over anothr town to make an unbreakable armor. However, with the help of Brackus, Erik and Rion are able to defeat Cole (and his new guardian).

As Dark Viper returns to Brackus, past memories as an evil warlord return to him as well, and he laughs evilly before setting off to follow Erik and Rion. As for Mel and Seth, they too meet an old friend - Zad. They both combine their spell powers to freeze him within the confines of "Twisted Frost Blast".


Di Gata Defenders 205 The Magnificent Two

Di Gata Defenders 205 The Magnificent Two