Machine of Binding


Seal Megalith

Bound To

Dako, Yin, Yan, Ogama

First Appearance

Dark Descent

The Machine of Binding was used to activate the power of the Pure Stones to seal the Megalith.

Pure StonesEdit

Even though the machine can save RaDos from the Megalith, it has no control over the outside damage the seal would cause. In "Dark Descent", the Defenders tried to reverse the polarity of the machine to draw the Pure Stones to it, but they nearly destroyed the realm with a Negastorm.

However, they managed to keep their Dako Pure Stone and get the Yan Pure Stone in the process. As of now, the Machine of Binding is now useless, since the Megalith is destroyed and the Pure Stones as well. Even if they could use it again, it was also destroyed by Seth's inhuman strength, because the Spell of Binding would have destroyed RaDos if it was successful.

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