The Lost Children
Season 2, Episode 20
Airdate April 20, 2008
Production No. 220
Writers Terry Saltsman
Directors Greg Collinson
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The Spell Zone

The Lost Children is the twentieth episode of the second season.


A number of children have recently disappeared. The Defenders are busy searching when Erik finds an orb that's made of a metal not from RaDos. Rion suggests he be bait, but he ends up being captured. A crazed man, known as the Professor, is searching for evidence that RaDosians are descendants of interstellar travellers. But in the mines is a virus that is harmful to the fully grown, but children are immune to said virus, which is why he's making them work. He sends Rion down through the hole to see what's down there, and Rion discovers an otherworldly ship. Meanwhile, the orb Erik had found suddenly begins to head towards the dig site, with the Defenders close behind. When they arrive, the Professor, the children, and a few guards go down into the hole, while the other guards try (though unsuccessfully) to hold off Seth, Mel, and Erik.

The Professor leaves the children with the guards while he inspects the ship, telling the guards to destroy them if the Defenders show up. But the Defenders make quick work of them, and Seth and Rion follow the Professor while Mel and Erik get the children to safety. The Professor successfully traps Seth and Rion, and recognizing the orb as the ship's power cell, plugs it in, activating a recorded warning left by the ship's captain. She warns any trespassers that on board is the Totenkof virus, which they'd tried to escape on her home realm, and that she was forced to land or RaDos as the Raath-Marak killed several of her crew members.

The virus is only effective when airborne, and should not be released, as there is enough to destroy the entire realm. Although she bears little resemblance to RaDosians, the Professor hypothesizes that her people evolved from exposure to the sun. Seth and Rion escape as the ship takes off, but Rion pushes Seth into an escape pod, taking on the Professor alone. In the duel, the protective suit that kept the Professor safe from the virus was broken, killing him. Rion manages to crash the ship into the lake, destroying the virus and getting out just in time himself in another escape pod. Meanwhile, Kor Yin-an demands to Malco that he be allowed to take his revenge on Mel. But the Ethos lords refuse and have warped their deal. Deciding he had served his usefulness, Malco has him destroyed and shatters his shackles that bound him. But in his undead state, Kor survives and takes the Icons, to take revenge against the Ethos by destroying them with it. Malco orders K'Tahsh to hunt Kor down and destroy him again.


Di-Gata Defenders 220 The Lost Children21:37

Di-Gata Defenders 220 The Lost Children


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