The Key to Victory
Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate August 26, 2006
Production No. 103
Writers Ken Cuperus
Directors Sean Jeffrey
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The Key to Victory is the third episode of the first season.


The Monastery burns as Malco and Flinch tear it apart looking for the Key. With the help of a bizarre creature named Zad, the Defenders sneak into the monastery and split up to find the Key. Meanwhile, Adam runs into the Amphitigons from earlier and requests that they give him back the Nova stone. They refuse, but he easily defeats them and claims the stone. He arrives at the monastery just in time when Mel is attacked by Flinch on the balcony. He saves her (again) and apologizes for lying to her.

Seth and Kara find the Elder Priestess of the monastery, who leads them to the Key. Malco and Flinch arrive, and Flinch traps them in a force field. Erik finally passes by and knocks out Flinch by slipping a booster stone into his electronic backpack, electrocuting him, then set the others free. Malco challenges them to a fight, which Mel and Adam arrive just in time for. But Malco is too strong, and even the Warrior Henge cannot defeat him. With no other options, Seth decides to use the Nova Stone, which Adam gladly hands over. The stone defeats Malco, but nearly demolishes half the monastery. Flinch manages to grab the Key, but when he finds himself outnumbered, destroys it instead and escapes. The Elder Priestess then reveals that she had the real Key all along. Now the Defenders are ready to search for the Pure Stones.


DiGata Defenders 103 The Key to Victory

DiGata Defenders 103 The Key to Victory