The Heart Stone
Season 2, Episode 15
Airdate January 20, 2008
Production No. 215
Writers Ben Joseph
Directors Greg Collinson
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The Heart Stone is the fifteenth episode of the second season.


A young woman named Lydia calls on the Defenders to help her when she is attacked by Amphitigons. Only Mel, Erik, and Adam go out to aid her. While Lydia is unharmed, the Amphitigons get away with her special 'Heart Stone'. She tells them that the Amphitigons have her brother, and they volunteer to help her. Meanwhile, Seth tests out the new Mech-Arm Erik has made for him, and they are suddenly attacked by the Zads. Oddly, Kara defeats them with her dark new guardian and abilities.

Erik repairs Lydia's vehicle, but they crash when Erik and Adam get into a fight over her. Mel is captured by Lady K'tahsh, while Adam, Erik, and Lydia continue to pursue the Amphitigons, much to Adam's concern for Mel. Seth and Rion receive Mel's distress call and split up. Rion goes in one direction and chases K'tahsh, but fails when she disables his stormer with an energy whip. Adam, Erik and Lydia sneak into the Amphitigons' camp to take the Heart Stone, but are interrupted when some Amphitigons warriors attack them. Seth arrives and defeats them with the new and improved Mech-Arm, and Lydia reclaims the Heart Stone. She then decides to leave without rescuing her brother, who suddenly arrives unharmed with the Amphitigon princess. He explains to Lydia that the Amphitigons were willing to share the Heart Stone's energy with their village.

It turns out that Lydia is a thief, who wants the Heart Stone for her village and not the savage Amphitigons. Lydia escapes, but the Amphitigons and the Defenders catch up to her. She threatens to destroy the Heart Stone with a Bakkorian stone-presser. As she backs up, Lydia trips on a log and drops the stone presser, causing it to activate. Seth manages to destroy the device with Bedlam, but is struck with some of the Heart Stone's energy. The Amphitigons put the stone back in their generator, which manages to take minimal damage. Meanwhile, Kara looks for a device, and she manages to strike a deal after Brackus eavesdropped on her communication with an agency. Lady K'tahsh takes Mel to a hidden tribal village, where the people prepare to apparently sacrifice her to the human-guardian hybrid Si'i.


Di-Gata Defenders 215 The Heart Stone

Di-Gata Defenders 215 The Heart Stone