The Eye

Bound To


First Appearance

Ms. Fortune

The Eye of Je-Tunda is Madame Leizel's guardian.


It has two forms: As a crystal ball, the Eye can reveal the future. In order to see the future, the Eye needs a fresh supply of memories. Madame Leizel does this by kidnapping travellers and placing a crystal around its neck. The crystal sucks out their memories and leaves them in an amnesic state.

It can transform itself into a giant creature when provoked. It has four legs attached to the crystal ball, and a long neck holding a Y-shaped head. In this form, the Eye can shoot energy beams powerful enough to break through rock.


  • This is one of the few guardians who control their master.
  • It appears as an enemy guardian in the Karkin region of the DS game. It uses Infinis and Altas attacks.

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