The Ethos


All Sigils

First Appearance


Voiced by

John Stocker

The Ethos are a monstrous species with evil intentions.


Long before the main timeline, the Wizards of Yan fought against the Ethos in the battle of Sum-Yan. They were  imprisoned in the Dark Realm, using the Celestial Abyss. The Megalith was created as a result of their imprisonment. 

When the Megalith was destroyed by the Defenders, it caused a force of energy powerful enough to release four Ethos back into RaDos.


Their plan is to merge both the Dark Realm and RaDos together, giving the Ethos what they desire: the Di-Gata energy they feed on, which will eliminate all life on the planet.

They use the Zads and Sigil Slayers as their servants, to follow the Defenders and halt their progress in rebuilding the Celestial Abyss. They also make an alliance with Flinch, and later take over Malco's body as their host.


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