The Empty Book
Season 2, Episode 17
Airdate Febraury 3, 2008
Production No. 217
Writers Frank Young
Directors Greg Collinson
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The Empty Book is the seventeenth episode of the second season.


Kara is imprisoned in a giant jellyfish by the aquatic Mortagarians, and the other Defenders arrive to free her. The Mortagarians demand the Tome of Al-Mortagar in two days, at the Che-Brek monument, otherwise they won't see Kara again. Determined to save her, Seth meets with members of the Ogaman Federation to see the Tome. However, Aa-Ron the Hunter only promised for him to see the Tome, not to take it. When he leaves, an Ogaman colonel sends his men after Seth only to be caught and their uniforms stolen. Seth and Rion disguise themselves as janitors, Mel and Adam go as the Ogaman soldiers while Erik takes over the power grid. When Adam and Mel run into ID trouble, Seth and Rion put up a convincing distraction to lure away the guard.

Once inside, Erik disables the power grid to the forcefield surrounding the Tome, allowing Adam and Mel to try to lift it. In the confusion, the soldiers shoot Adam, but he is saved by the Tome, which he is carrying. Unfortunately, this damages it beyond recovery. However, Brim's name is on the cover, so Rion contacts Brackus as to where his last location was. They return to Mount Altamor, which turns out to be Malco's base. Brim is frozen in a block of ice, surrounded by Sigil Slayer eggs. They split up; Seth and Mel retrieve the Icons while the others rescue Brim. Elsewhere, Flinch had drugged K'tahsh and contacts Brackus to tell him that allowing the Defenders the Icons was a success. However, K'tahsh had woken and was listening in on their conversation. As the Defenders make their way to the check point, Brim says there could be another way to save Kara.

Arriving at the Che-Brek monument, both sides demand what they want. The Mortagarians call the RaDosians, "invaders" because they claim that RaDosians came from a dying planet and took over the Mortagarian's home, forcing them to live underwater. Seth refuses to believe him regardless, and hands over Brim. Just as one part of the exchange was made, K'tahsh crashes the party and takes the Icons. Erik proceeds to free his sister, just as the Mortagarians arm a plasma cannon at them. The others cover it with their attacks, causing it to explode, knocking their ship out of the sky. Erik and Kara hug, despite that they are covered in jellyfish slime. But Kara is confused that they would let the Mortagarians have Brim. Mel tells Kara that Brim had the memories of the lost sigils transferred to Erik allowing him to be able to carve stones (thanks to an old wizard spell), just like how Brim does. As they leave the monument, carvings are shown that depict that RaDosians arriving on RaDos from another world.


Di-Gata Defenders 217 The Empty Book

Di-Gata Defenders 217 The Empty Book