The Cycle
Season 1, Episode 21
Airdate January 14, 2007
Production No. 121
Writers David Cole
Directors Sean Jeffrey
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The Cycle is the twenty-first episode of the first season.


Nazmul has undertaken a secret quest for immortality that sends the Order of Infinis to an underground palace which once housed an ancient King who is rumoured to have achieved eternal life. The Defenders arrive, only to unleash an ancient force which affirms Kali's conclusion that Kara is the perfect host. In the process, they discover a secret that plants the seeds of doubts as to the rightness of their mission. Is re-binding the Megalith the right thing to do? Do they dare to defy the traditions they have been taught since their training began?


Di Gata Defenders 121 The Cycle

Di Gata Defenders 121 The Cycle