Sorcery in RaDos mostly uses special dice-like stones called Di-Gata Stones as a casting medium, and draw upon the land (or water if the caster uses Aqua Stones) and a portion of the person's inner power. The innate powers found within the Wizards of Yan do not abide to using physical Di-Gata stones, as they can create them via summoning. However, they use their own power to do so.

When the stones are summoned, they can form henges to manifest themselves as attacks. To create Henges, Warrior Stones and Booster Stones are needed, and the Booster Stones must be the all identical, or a mis-cast will occur (unintended spell effect). But there is no such thing as a powerful spell, as each spell the caster knows appears to be used based on the situation the battle or task has gotten to, even if the caster was to put in a Warrior and 3 Boosters.

The exception to the rules are Guardians. They live inside their own stones or items and require no power cost from the land nor the caster, with an exception to Booster Stones to increase their effectiveness. However, they have a certain amount of longevity before reverting back to their stone form. Guardians themselves use their own bodies to attack.

If a stone caster has no energy, then the stones cannot work. Warriors and Boosters cannot work on large bodies of water, as there is no land to draw from. Stones will also not work if some source messes with the land's general energies (certain locations, a Negastorm are examples).

Offensive CastsEdit

Character Attack Name Stone Cost Henge Description Attack Description
Seth Doom Dart Nega warrior The Nega sigil

Sends out a spinning knife.

Fires small knife-shaped rocks, fired like pin needles.

Spinning Doom Nega warrior, Dako booster The horizontal bar on Nega is replaced by Dako. Sends out a spinning energy shuriken.
Nega Mass Nega warrior, Dako booster, Dako booster Same as Spinning Doom, but with an extra Dako underneath the first one. Sends out a tiny ball of condensed Nega energy.
Screaming Pinwheel Nega warrior, Dako booster, Dako booster, Dako booster The Dakos are extra horizontal bars on the Nega. Sends out an almost uncontrollable vacuum blast of white energy.
Bedlam Dako warrior The Dako sigil

Sends out one or a bunch of tiny dark spirits that look like shadow fish, they disable all electrical devices.

Forms darkness within the energy form and destroys it.

Twisting Chaos Dako Warrior, Nega Booster Nega points downward from Dako's South.

Sends out a black energy worm.

Enhances the caster with four tentacles. These tentacles add to their mobility and physical strength by being able to lift larger objects.

Can also be released to constrict or squeeze an opponent.

Pandemonium Dako Warrior, Nega Booster, Nega Booster 2 Negas point from Dako's east and west.

Summons mechanical squids. They wrap and constrict around the opponent and turn into metal strands around the enemy.

Can also send out electro-static discharges to pin down the prey.

Dark Anarchy Dako Warrior, Nega Booster, Nega Booster, Nega Booster There is a Nega at each compass direction except south.

Summons a large blade of darkness. Anything enveloped in it takes damage or gets destroyed.

It can also shroud the battlefield in darkness, causing blindness.

Doom Quake Omnikragg summoned, Dako booster, Dako booster 2 Separate Dakos The two boosters manifest into energy balls that strike at Omnikragg's back, causing him to send out and earth-shattering roar.
Nova Henge Nova Champion Ogama and Nega. The Nega replaces the top Ogama bar. Sends out an enormous boost of power in the form of a blue beam.
Nova Prison Nova Champion Ogama and Nega. The Nega replaces the top Ogama bar. Traps spirits and conceal them within the stone.
Melosa Chillbane Yan warrior The Yan sigil Sends out sharp ice crystals. 
Freezing Hail Yan warrior, Yan booster Two Yans overlapping each other. Same as Chillbane, but can freeze the target and sends out multiple shots.
Snow Blast Yan warrior, Sum booster, Sum booster The two Sums are at both vertical ends of the Yan. Sends out a concentrated blast of snow.
Blizzard Yan warrior, Sum booster, Sum booster Same as Snow Blast Enhances the caster with a blue hooded catsuit, that adds protection from some damage and allows them to move extremely fast. 
Frigid Tempest Yan warrior, Sum booster, Sum booster, Sum booster Two of the Yans are placed in the same manner as Snow Blast. The third Yan replaces the vertical line of Sum.

Calls a medium-sized snowstorm upon the target.

Enhances the caster with a curved frost baton on their right arm and a large frost shield on their left.

Breath of Zephyr Sum warrior, Yan booster The Yan is inside Sum.

Freezes the target.

Creates a frozen wall over a target area.

Drops temperature in area, extinguishes fires, freezes water.

Glacial Flow Sum warrior, Yan booster, Yan booster Reversed sigils of Snow Blast. Freezes a large area. Its freezing effect moves forward.
Crystal Casket Sum warrior, Yan booster, Yan booster, Yan booster Two Yans are on the outside of the Sum. The last Yan is inside Sum's core.

Same as Glacial Flow, but a much slower and deeper freeze effect

Can also freeze energy forms.

Freezing Avatar of Yan Amulet Summons Draykor in the form of an ice phoenix. 
Kara Fog Shroud Altas warrior The Altas sigil Sends out a shroud of thick fog. 
Pillar of Altas Altas warrior, Yin booster The Yin is directly inside Altas. Summons a tornado, that carries the caster to high places or helps escape.
Mantle of Yin Altas warrior, Yin booster Same as Pillar of Altas. Summons a magic carpet, used to fly.
Typhoon of Power Altas warrior, Yin booster, Yin booster Two Yins are on each side of the horizontal bars of the Altas. Calls a thunderstorm above the target that sends down lightning.
Bolt of Altas Altas warrior, Yin booster, Yin booster, Yin booster Similar to Typhoon of Power, but the third Yin is located similar to Pillar of Altas. Electrocutes the caster to send out bolts of electricity through discharging.
Tornado Yin warrior, Altas booster The two Yin points replace the Altas point on the top. Sends out a cyclone of wind. 
Yinn-icane Yin warrior, Yin booster, Yin booster, Yin booster Henge unknown, as this attack was merely mentioned Summons an electrified tornado.
Prison of Yin Yin warrior, Altas booster, Altas booster Henge unknown, as was used before Kara got pushed off a ledge. Builds a cage around the enemy.
Kali Black Devourer Some assortment of Dako and Altas stones Unknown Transforms the caster's hands into claws.
Erik Flash Blast Ogama warrior The Ogama sigil Fires a concentrated blast of light, which has the power of concussion and stunning.
Forge Fire Ogama warrior, Infinis booster The Infinis joins the two arc points of the Ogama.

Sends out ball-like grenades. Upon contact, these explosives latch onto the target and explode after a few seconds

Singeing Spar Ogama warrior, Infinis booster, Infinis booster The lines at both ends of the Ogama are replaced by an Infinis.

Sends out a concentrated blade of heat.

Gives the caster a metal suit of armour and a welding torch.

Incinerator Ogama Warrior, Infinis Booster, Infinis Booster, Infinis Booster Two of the three Infinis boosters are placed similar to Singeing Spar. The third Infinis replaces the vertical line on the Ogama. Summons a series of rings of fire which can be controlled. 
Flaming Vortex Ogama warrior, Ogama booster Two Ogamas are linked by their top bars. Sends out a spinning vortex of flame.
Fabricator Infinis Warrior The Infinis sigil

Forms a pair of handcuffs and leg fetters, creates a laser cage.

Creates a gas mask to block out any poisonous gases.

If combined with Forge Fire, it can encase the caster in armour.

Generator Infinis warrior, Ogama booster The Ogama is turned horizontally and is seen near the inside-left part of the Infinis. Summons a large amount of metal. The metal then takes shape of various objects, like metal prisons, to a hammer, to amplifier rings or gauntlets.
Constructor Infinis warrior, Ogama booster Same as Generator. Enhances the caster's arms with drills. 
Grand Mechanism Infinis warrior, Ogama booster, Ogama booster, Ogama booster The Infinis and one of the Ogamas are placed similar to Generator/Constructor. Two Ogamas are linked onto the Infinis side points by their top bars.

Summons a metal ring that generates metallic plates. These metal squares can block attack spells or enemies.

The plates can function like Generator's metal prison function when needed.

Fabricator-Forge Fire Fusion Attack Stone cost unknown Henge unknown Coats the caster in metal armour that has a gauntlet with a cone on the end that is lit on fire.
Energy Drain Mal-Ra Champion, Orn-Ra Champion The Mal-Ra and Orn-Ra sigils

Surrounds the caster in energy and drains the creature of its energy.

The Mal-Ra and Orn-Ra stones were destroyed after this attack.

Dakocite Devastation Mal-Ra Champion, Orn-Ra Champion The Mal-Ra and Orn-Ra sigils, one on top of the other. Which ones exactly are unknown. Creates a gigantic earthquake which can be controlled. 
Adam Assassin Yan warrior, Infinis booster Unknown Enhances the caster's speed to lightning fast. 
Black Bolas Infinis warrior, Yan booster Yan's bottom line is replaced with Infinis halves. Fires two energy bolas, which constrict the attacker.
Power of the Guild Yan warrior, Yin booster, Yin booster Yan is in the middle, with a Yin at its north and south. The south one is upside down. The lines of Yin use the bottom or top of Yan.

Fires a fragile device that launches towards the target. Once it hits an object, the device explodes and releases knock out gas or a net.


Yan warrior, Yin booster. 

3 Yin warriors and 3 Yan boosters.

The Yan is in the middle, with the Yin at its north. Creates multiple energy clones of the caster, designed to confuse an attacker.
Heart of Yin Firefox summoned, Yin booster, Yan booster Reversed sigils of Deceptor. Turns Firefox into a flame spirit.
Phase Stone Phase Champion Yin-Infinis henge. The two halves of Infinis replace the bottom bar on Yin. If collides with an inanimate object, it temporarily allows anyone to pass through it as if it never existed.
Brackus Blazing Fires of Dako Infinis warrior, Dako booster, Dako booster 2 Dakos are at Infinis' connection points Ignites caster's body to send out flame whips and blasts.
Scourge of Infinis Dako warrior, Infinis booster, Infinis booster or Dako booster Same as Blazing Fires, except Dako is in the middle

Fires energy darts that inflict pain upon contact.

Spreads a painful poison through the body on contact with the stone.

Searing Havoc Dako Warrior, Infinis booster, Infinis Booster Same as Scourge of Infinis Enhances caster's' hands, transforming them into claws.
Infinikizm Infinis warrior, Dako booster (seen boosted with 2 extra Dako Boosters from Seth) Same as Blazing Fires, but the extra Dako cuts through the center of Infinis

Sends out a black energy javelin.

Devastation of Infinis Unknown Unknown Grants the caster the ability to manipulate fire.

Turns areas of the target's body, that the caster hits, into stone.

Anamous Vitae Nostrum Vitae Stone The Nostrum Vitae Sigil Heals small wounds and cures sicknesses.
Altas Nostrum Nostrum Vitae Stone The Nostrum Vitae Sigil Turns the target to rock.
Flinch Psyclone Yin warrior, Infinis booster, Infinis booster Like the henge seen on Dreadcrow, except instead of one Infinis, it’s two. One on each side. Sends out a dark spirit, in the form of a banshee. When amplified, the screams from the spirit can pierce the ears.
Choking Vapour Infinis warrior, Infinis booster The Infinis sigil, but is actually made up of two of them. Summons a poison gas around an area that causes the victim to choke.
Slithering Worm Infinis warrior, Yin booster Same as the henge seen on Dreadcrow. Sends out a dark spirit, in the form of a worm.
Rion Silver Orb Yin Warrior The Yin sigil

Forms a shield bubble around the caster.

Sends orbs at the attacker.

Oppressor Yin Warrior, Nega Booster The Nega sits right underneath Yin. Sometimes the Nega is thicker than the Yin as so not to confuse it with Argent Razor.

Generates a spherical device. This device drops a load of greenish sand on the target.

Designed to either bury smaller creatures or to suppress certain substances.

Argent Magnet Yin Warrior, Nega Booster See Oppressor. The effect is similar to Argent Lure, except that it is controlled via an energy ball.
Guise of Pearl Yin Warrior, Nega Booster, Nega Booster The two Negas replace the bottom part of Yin. It sends out orbs that whomever the caster chooses, rendering them invisible.
Argent Grave Yin Warrior, Nega Booster, Nega Booster The two Negas act like extensions of the bottom horizontal bar of Yin. Sends out silver energy and four stones in the form of a hand, which can be controlled.
Argent Drillhead Yin Warrior, Nega Booster, Nega Booster See Argent Grave. It sends out an orb that causes blindness.
Silver Membrane Yin Warrior, Nega Booster, Nega Booster, Nega Booster Similar to Guise of Pearl, except the last Nega sits underneath the Yin.

Covers the enemy within silver to petrify it.

Coats the caster in membrane, making them resistant to heat or fire.

Argent Wildfire Nega Warrior The Nega sigil Fires a flame arrow, either immobilizing the target, or forming a cage of fire around the target.
Argent Razor Nega Warrior, Yin Booster Same as Oppressor, but the Nega is the same thickness as the Yin as so not to confuse the two.

Sends out stones that strike out, forming staircases or simply hit the target.

Rocks form around the caster, releasing energy around them in the shape of a drill-like device. Also gives the caster the ability to fly.

Argent Lure Nega Warrior, Yin Booster, Yin Booster Unknown

Hits a target, increasing their weight ten times that of normal.

Creates a silver shield that draws any attacks to it.

Argent Warrior Nega Warrior, Yin Booster, Yin Booster, Yin Booster The three Yins form the top part of the Nega (two on the sides, one on top) Rocks form a shield in a spinning formation. This can be either used for protection from attacks or can be sent out to deal damage.
Argent Nemesis Activates when Rion becomes enraged or excited - Forms rock armor around the user, for added protection.
Kid Cole Yin-winder Warrior stone, sigil unknown (possibly Yin warrior) Henge unknown Summons a green ball of light.
Nega Sandstorm Stnoe cost unknown Henge unknown See Yin-Winder.
Catcheous Draft Dako Warrior, Nega Booster, Nega Booster Same as Seth's Pandemonium, but the Negas appear at Dako's North and South instead of East and West. Summons a huge net that has the ability to capture or block a pathway.
Scything Spur Yin warrior, Nega booster The Yin sits on top of the Nega Sends out a series of spikes that are lethal to touch.
Sandhand Nega Warrior The Nega sigil Forms a hand in sand which can be controlled.
Infinimora Unknown Yan, Altas, Yin. Stone types unknown. The Altas is in the middle with the Yan on the top and the Yin on the bottom. The Yin overlaps the bottom of the Altas. Summons three vipers that immobilize the target.
Unknown Sum, Yin, Yan. Stone types unknown. The Yin is in the middle with the Sum on top and the Yan on the bottom. The Yan acts as an extension of the bottom of the Yin. Summons a beet-like plant that constricts the victim.
Combo Spells Warrior Henge (only four Defenders are needed) Seth: Dako or Nega Warrior, Mel: Yan or Sum Warrior, Erik: Ogama or Infinis Warrior, Adam:Infinis Warrior (in place of Erik), Kara: Yin or Altas Warrior, Rion: Yin or Nega Warrior (in place of Kara) The Warrior Henge consists of the first eight power sigils. It looks like an enormous Altas with Yin and Yan replacing the two vertical lines of Altas. Replacing the horizontal lines on the inside of the Altas is an extended Infinis. Nega is on the inside-right part of the Infinis. Sum is on the inside-left part of the Infinis. Finally, Ogama is underneath the Infinis and Dako is above it, still having space to fit inside the Altas.

Sacrifices the energy of the Defenders and their stones, to charge up one overloaded blast of energy, capable of decimiating or damaging the mightest of foes.

Was also used to super-charge Kara with power when needed.

Tidal Tempest Dako Aqua, Altas Aqua, Sum Aqua, Infinis Aqua The Altas and Infinis are placed the same way as seen in the Warrior Henge. The Dako is beneath the Infinis while the Sum is sbove it. Summons a tidal wave that can crash and capsize just about anything over water.
Doku Blistering Diablo Dako Warrior, Ogama Booster Dako is connected to the top of Ogama Sends out purple flames.
Venomous Barb Ogama Warrior, Dako Booster, Dako Booster The two Dakos are tilted diagonally to replace the one vertical Ogama line. Sends out a swarm of parasitic maggots. Capable of poisoning the target.
Bo Rock Shards Dako Warrior The Dako sigil Sends out a series of rocks that can cut an opponent.
Psybull Dako Warrior, Ogama Booster, Ogama Booster (seen also as miscast with an extra Ogama Booster) The Dako is turned horizontally. Two of the Ogamas are linked to it like Erik's Grand Mechanism. The third one is unknown, since this spell was miscast. Ecases the enemy in a mud cage.
Shock Blast (name unclear) Ogama Warrior, Dako Booster, Dako Booster Same as Doku's Blistering Diablo, but there's an extra Dako underneath the first one, extending Ogama's vertical line. Sends out a large electric ball which can be controlled.
Malco (Order of Infinis) Swarm of Locusts Yin Warrior, Dako Booster, Dako Booster, Dako Booster There is a Dako at Yin's North, east and west connection points. Summons a large swarm of locusts, capable of devouring and breaking down materials.
Shield Breakers Yin Warrior, Dako Booster, Dako Booster The two Dakos are turned horizontal and replace the bottom horizontal line on Yin. Sends out a flurry of explosive knives, designed to eradicate forms of energy.
Meteor Dako warrior, Yin booster, Yin booster, Yin booster Similar to Kara's Bolt of Altas, except with Dako rather than Altas. Sends a large flaming orb spiraling at the opponent.
Concentration of Yin Dako Warrior, Yin Booster The Yin sits underneath the Dako to make it look as if the Yin has a third vertical line through it.

Summons small, burning orbs which can be controlled.

Spirit of Dako Yin Warrior, Dako Booster Same as Concentration of Yin Enhances hands with flames.
One of Doku's Warlords Backlash Infinis Warrior, Yin Booster Same as Flinch's Slithering Worm Summons a pod with ropes coming out of the sides. The ropes latch onto the victim.
Slithering Spine Yin Warrior, Infinis Booster, Infinis Booster Same as Flinch's Psyclone Summons a few sets of vines in which can be controlled.
Fusion Attack Yin-Yan Guardian Same as Adam's Deceptor. Summons Protozoa.
The Tumbler Twins Flaming Baton Nega Warrior, Ogama Booster, Ogama Booster, Ogama Booster There is an Ogama located at Nega's north, west, and east. Sends out a series of batons which confuse the enemy.
Bail Ring Renvoldenn summoned, Dako booster The Dako sigil Encases guardians and send them back into their stones.
Dark Malco (Ethos incarnation) Black Torpedo Yin Warrior, Dako booster Same as Malco's Concentration of Yin, but the horizontal Yin line is visible. Sends out a black energy spear.
Desolation Yin Warrior, Dako booster See Black Torpedo. See Catcheous Draft.
Obliteration of Yin Yin warrior, Dako booster Same as Desolation Turns into a series of purple waves which immobilize any target.
Annihilator Dako Warrior, Yin Booster, Yin Booster orYin warrior, Dako booster, Dako booster The Yins appear on the Dako's East and West or Same as Malco's Shield Breakers Sends out a dark, black strip of fire which can be controlled..
The Zad Unknown Warrior stone, sigil unknown Henge Unknown Sends out a dark light that burns.
Unknown Ethos warrior, Dako booster, Dako booster The two bottom horizontal lines on Ethos are replaced by Dakos.

Sends a missile-like projectile that releases a muck-like substance that functions like quicksand.

Releases three shadow spirits which the Zad can control.

Unknown Ethos warrior, Dako booster, Dako booster, Dako booster Same as the attack above, but with an extra Dako underneath. Immobilizes the target in a muck-like substance. -
Lady K'Tahsh  Tangling Labyrinth N/A N/A Sends out three spiritual birds that can be used to capture.
Kor Yin-an Plague Shield Yin warrior The Yin sigil Sends out a spiral of insects, which absorb any attack and fire it right back at the caster.
Roodu Twisting Stalker Nega warrior The Nega sigil Enhances arms with long whips.

Defensive CastsEdit

Shield stones are very good in combat against the Orders of Infinis. At some points in combating with the Ethos the shields are no use to the strong sigil energy of the Ethos' powers. Wizards of Yan do not always have to use shield stones. Sometimes he or she will be able to say a spell such as "Sum, Yan, Altas" then their shields are more stronger and enhanced because of their powers. Regular RaDosians cannot summon stones from their bare hands. 

Vanguard AegisEdit

Summons a shield that can withstand attacks. Requires any amount of shield stones, but attacks get weaker depending on cost. Can also stack or multiple users can form in a way to offer protection on all fronts.

Fortified FrontEdit

Summons a shield dome or group of shields that surround the caster, covers attacks from all angles, but not as effective in some cases.

Barricade ArrayEdit

Summons mini-shields of the sigil used. These shields can block small attacks, pick up smaller objects, deflect some spells or attack an enemy. These shields are controlled by the caster.


Much like Vanguard Aegis, but more fortified and joins with other Defenders.

Suffocating SphereEdit

The only shield that attacks. It uses Barricade Array functionality, except can enclose an enemy and possibly disintegrate it, more potent against energy forms. Requires at least two Defenders to use.

Fortified FortressEdit

Much like Fortified Front. It has two stones which will be able to last for some time, depending on how many shield stones you use.

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