Shape Shifted
Season 2, Episode 16
Airdate January 27, 2008
Production No. 216
Writers Terry Saltsman
Directors Greg Collinson
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Shape Shifted is the sixteenth episode of the second season.


A tribe places a necklace on Mel, drawing Si'i towards the village to sacrifice her. K'Tahsh and her army wait for him, ready for tranquillization. However, K'Tahsh wants Si'i to have Mel as the main course. Just then, Rion bursts in, and frees Mel. They place the necklace on the tribe's chief who is grabbed by Si'i and turned into energy for him to swallow. K'Tahsh's men then subdue the Si'i, as entire tribe is massacred.

Meanwhile, Seth, Erik and Adam have just arrived back at the dojo from their Amphitigon mission, with Kara once again asking for the key to the Tomb of Al-Mortagar. After telling her off, Seth goes to her room and goes into a conversation with Kara. However, he notices in an altamite mirror that she has no reflection. He later traps her in a forcefield and demands she reveals who she really is. "Kara" is actually the shapeshifter Kali. Barely getting away, Seth tells Adam and Erik to get the Orb of Ogama-Yan while he tracked Kali. But things get complicated when Adam and Erik meet two Seths in the orb room. To determine which one was the real one, Erik asks them what they go to Arboth to get when Seth merged with Kragus.

The one carrying the orb says pure Di-Gata ore but the other says the Megalith separated him and Kragus. And so, the Seth with the orb changes into a hideous shape and goes into the vents. Outside, Mel and Rion are just returning when the dojo's defences start shooting at them; Seth had implemented a lockdown. Erik is tricked by Kali (as Adam) into revealing the shutdown codes, his old locker combo and Seth reveals where the key to the Tome is. Kali gets by Mel and Rion and has contacted her superiors.

Brackus has also come to have their agreement fulfilled. But instead of giving him the orb, Kali starts to strangle him just as Si'i comes in. Worse, she had set the dojo to self-destruct. Rion and Seth begin a descent into the core but accidentally set off a trap, releasing slugs that explode and produce a sticky slime, forcing Mel to help. They reach the core but it is too hot for them to rearrange things. They use their guardians as substitutes. But once things cool down, their guardians somehow merge with them. They race out to see Si'i drain Kali of her energy and run off with the orb. Before she succumbs to her injuries, Kali tells Seth that Kara is imprisoned in an underwater lair.


Di-Gata Defenders 216 Shape Shifted21:37

Di-Gata Defenders 216 Shape Shifted


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