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The Tower

The Mech-Arm is a robotic rock arm made by Erik, so Seth could remain a Defender when he sacrificed his hand to Brackus.

First ModelEdit

Erik wasn't finished stabilizing the Infimatter in his first Mech-Arm, and it had the power to influence Seth to work for Doku. Seth removes it after his hand was restored. He loses it again after he nearly destroyed Arboth with its awesome power. Seth later quits the Defenders for the inexplicable acts he committed.

Second ModelEdit

After he returns to the Defenders, he gets another arm. At first it seems like your average metallic hand. But when it touches Seth's Di-Gata stone(s), it transforms into an arm-cannon, containing the stone(s) within its mechanism. When it fires the stone(s), the spell is summoned and the hand reverts to a claw mechanism. The stones used are contained within it and Seth has control over the direction the spell is fired, allowing for improved accuracy and control in battles.