Sub Bastion


Serve Mahir

Bound To


First Appearance

A Flaw in the Ointment

Sub Bastion is a very tall robot, built to help its master Mahir.


Its head is a recording camera, and it moves with treads. It is well-equipped for battle. Its hands can turn into flamethrowers, it has a small machine gun on its shoulders, and it can launch stones.

It follows Mahir around Happy Valley, and protects the Flawed Stone's generator from intruders.

Happy ValleyEdit

It had many run-ins with Mel, as she is the only one unaffected by the stone's power. When Mel first enters the village, she tries to get to the generator, but is confronted by Sub Bastion. Before she can fight, the stone's energy knocks her unconscious, and the robot takes her back to the village. After that, it keeps an eye on her, and even guards her room at night to stop her from leaving.

It returns later with Mahir to confront the Defenders when they attempt to shut the generator down, but during the fight it runs the stone over, destroying it. Erik then gives Sub Bastion a constructor stone, to help build a quarry and a mill for the rebuilding of Happy Valley.