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First Appearance

The Road Less Traveled

The Rougon are the most hated hunters in all of the Realm.


Rougon are ruthless hunters and thieves, willing to do anything for profit. They communicate secretly through whistling, and wear invisibility cloaks to cover their tracks. These cloaks are also used to conceal their identities.

They follow travellers through forests, and ambush them to steal their valuables. As they specialize in close-combat, their Di-Gata stones deal in small, weak attacks. This helps them against attackers, as they tend to fight in confined spaces.


Their base is located underwater, the perfect place for holding auctions for their stolen treasures. In order to enter, they wait at the edge of a specific lake, tap the ground with a staff three times, and wait for the base to surface.

In order to deal with traitors or captives, they turn them into stone, by throwing them to the Yin-Icor. They keep the monster locked underground in a hole, where they lower their victims in by rope. After an auction, they may also include the fate of a captive as a reward; either they take them as prisoner, or let them die by the Yin-Icor.


  • Their base was destroyed by the Defenders, when they allowed the Yin-Icor to escape from its cage.