First Appearance

The Lost Children

Voiced by


Roodu is a small boy who is in training to be a Di-Gata Defender.

The MineEdit

He is first seen when he and his sister Azura were captured by the Professor at the mine, where they were forced to dig up the Prime RaDosian space ship. They were rescued by the Defenders.


Afterwards, he and his sister Azura followed the defenders to their dojo, and broke in, pleading to Erik to become Defenders, so they can protect RaDos. Brackus decides that they would be good for a new army of Defenders, and decides that they could stay, he being their trainer.

Later, Roodu and his sister steal Darkviper's guardian stone, as Seth thinks they stole the Ethos container. After running away from Seth, they cast the stone, resulting in Darkviper going on a rampage. Seth became enraged and told the kids to go home, along with Maia and the other kids.

On their trip home, Brackus asks the kids if they would like to be part of a secret mission, leaving the kids by themselves, with Roodu and Azura in charge.

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