Nega, Yin



First Appearance

Ms. Fortune

Voiced by

Daniel DeSanto

Ronny is a reptilian humanoid, who is kidnapped by a travelling circus.

Circus LifeEdit

He is captured and mind-controlled by a guardian, which erases of all memory of his previous life. To keep the image of the circus, Ronny becomes the freak-show of the troupe, named "Gator Boy".

He gives Erik one of the mind-control necklaces in order to kidnap him into the circus, calling it a "memento". As well, he helps Madame Leizel to trap Mel before she stops her plans. The Defenders find out about the circus and break the Eye's control over him and the troupe.


  • Prior to his capture, he lived in Arboth.
  • He appears as an enemy in the Sum-Gafi region of the DS game.

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