Season 1, Episode 19
Airdate December 17, 2006
Production No. 119
Writers Mary Crawford
Alan Templeton
Directors Sean Jeffrey
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Dark Descent

Replication is the nineteenth episode of the first season.


Barely escaping the Nexus with their lives, the Defenders set out for the Pinnacle, an ancient Di-Gata training temple that will hopefully cure Mel of her wizard attacks. On the way, they face the Obelisks, an army of war machines created by Flinch. While Seth and Mel head for the Pinnacle, Erik and Kara stay behind to try to stop the destruction.

At the Pinnacle, Seth must face Omniaxor, his father’s Guardian. When Seth brings out his guardian, Kragus, Omniaxor takes him by the arms and breaks him into little pieces. Seth then realizes that Kragus' stone never came back; he has been destroyed. Melosa completes her Wizard of Yan training and for the first time, and uses her wizard powers to defeat Omniaxor, in which she has full control over.


Di Gata Defenders 119 Replication21:35

Di Gata Defenders 119 Replication


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