Season 2, Episode 6
Airdate October 21, 2007
Production No. 206
Writers Ben Joseph
Directors Greg Collinson
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Regenesis is the sixth episode of the second season.


The Defenders once again re-unite at Port Rivas, and are now on the search for Brim, who has been imprisoned. The Defenders, with help from Brackus, defeat the guardian holding Brim. However, Malco and Flinch manage to escape with Brim, but not without the Defenders placing tracker stone on them. They were lead them high up into the mountains, where a special crystal is required to cut open the Nova stone; thus freeing Nazmul.

Brackus, with his memories restored, temporarily ditches the Defenders (who were trapped until an avalanche) to "settle the score" with his old friends. Malco and Flinch's efforts are in vain as Nazmul is destroyed, but not before absorbing a large amount of Malco's strength. The Ethos later find his weakened body, and figure that he might be of some use.


Di Gata Defenders 206 Regenesis

Di Gata Defenders 206 Regenesis