Altas, Infinis



First Appearance


Voiced by

Austin Di Iulio

Rayald is a fallen Di-Gata Defender.


He was known as a great warrior, but fell to the hands of Malco four years prior to the storyline.


The Mortagarian agent Kali poses as Rayald to gain the Defenders' trust, and accompanies them to the Nexus. He uses the lie that he was held in Brackus' dungeon for a year, and spent time in the Nexus to re-cooperate.

However, Seth and Erik do not believe him, as a Knowledge Pillar tells them a different story, that Rayald is dead. Rayald claims that Alnar put out that lie, so he can continue the fight against the Order underground. Because of the circumstances with Mel, they let him go.


He leaves the Defenders at the Yintor Crossing, but gives Kara an armband that allows her to go into the Nexus' inner sanctum. When Kara enters the sanctum, Rayald re-appears to speak with her, and shows her that she does not need to wear her boots or be afraid of swimming.

While she swims, Rayald reports to Nazmul, telling him that she is the perfect host. He captures Kara, and reveals the plan to her, but Mel manages to break her free before she can be taken to Nazmul.

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