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First Appearance

The Di-Gata Redemption

The Raath-Marak is a Primordial creature from RaDos Prime.


This beast is very large, with RaDosian-killing energy fire and an ear-piercing shriek. It can turn RaDosians into energy to feed on it. It is pink in colour, has a wide mouth, and has a shell with its green eye through its forehead. The third Icon is around the eyestalk. It walks on two feet, and uses its many tentacles to attack.

It stowed away on a vessel from RaDos Prime, causing them to land in RaDos. It was drained of its energy by a wizard who knew Mal-Ra and Orn-Ra, and sealed it away, at the cost of his life. It was hidden at the Ogama-Gor prison, with an agent of the Wizards of Yan stationed there to monitor it and wait for the prophecy to destroy it.


Erik was revealed to be the only one to kill it, as he knew the two Primordial sigils. When the rest of the Defenders started attacking it, its skin turned red and it became stronger. Seth used the Nova Stone against it, which managed to push it back, but it did not kill it; it made it stronger and brighter red.

Erik managed to cast the Energy Drain against it, and it began to take its toll on him as it did on the first wizard. However, Kara came in and took Erik's place, killing the Raath-Marak and sacrificing herself, letting her spirit enter the Life Stone.


  • It is also known as the "Great Eater" in production notes, short for "Great Eater From Beyond".

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