Professor Alnar







First Appearance

Trouble in Paradise

Voiced by

Maurice Dean Wint

Professor Alnar is the mentor of the young Defenders. He is brother to the evil Nazmul, and was once a Wizard of Yan.


As Alnar died before the main storyline, his spirit resides in a stone, known as the Life Stone. This stone allowed him to mentor and train the new Defenders in their dojo, even without a physical body.

As he is a Wizard of Yan, he can communicate through the minds of other Wizards, such as Mel, but only at great times of need. At those times, Alnar is invisible to others. Through this communication, he is able to teach Mel about her powers as a Wizards of Yan, which at the time she had little control of.


Alnar trained the Defenders for the time when they would need to find the four Pure Stones, and recast the Spell of Binding to save RaDos. And when the Defenders destroyed the Megalith, he then aided his wisdom in helping the Defenders stop the Ethos. While the Defenders searched for the Icons of the Celestial Abyss, Alnar trained Kara in secret for her own mission, to stop the Raath-Marak.

As a professor, he often does not teach them everything they need to know, when they need it. The purpose of this is for the Defenders to learn and figure it out for themselves. However, this has left the Defenders questioning their mission more than once, such as that Alnar never revealed that there is a ninth sigil, Vitus, or the truth about the Spell of Binding and the Megalith.


  • He is responsible for the creation of the city of Arboth.
  • He had a son named Yarik, who was killed when Malco turned against them. 

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