Dako, Yan



First Appearance

The Di-Gata Redemption

Voiced by

Anthony J. Mifsud

Orak is a prisoner at Ogama-Gor.


He is a former black-ops soldier in the Yin-tos Army, and therefore has connections with all of the guards in the prison, He gets away with a lot of violence with other inmates, and his enemies are punished by the guards.

Secret AllianceEdit

When Erik stood up to him and defeated him in a fight, he wanted revenge, or so it seemed. In reality, he was in league with the Ethos. Orak needed to get Erik to tell him the location of the the third Icon.

He tracked Erik down when he was put to washing clothes, but he hid in the water so Orak couldn't find him. He later tracked him down to the library when Erik was sending a message to the other Defenders, and almost defeated him. However, Erik's quick thinking with water and electricity allowed him to escape again.


After failed attempts at subduing Erik, he started a riot to take control of the weapons, and charged into Erik's cell. When he found that Erik was not there, he angrily shot into the empty cell, and ended up hitting the secret switch that opened a hidden path.

He found Erik and Yaltuk at the gate, only to witness the Raath-Marak break free. He attempted to harm the Wrath-Marak by shooting it, but it did nothing. It grabbed him with its tentacles and he was eaten.

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