Ogama is the sigil of Order. To study Ogama is to seek control and order in all things, even in chaos. As the architect of creation, born out of chaos, Ogama’s sphere of influence covers meanings from authoritarian to tranquil control. Studying Ogama allows the person to see that even in times of chaos and turmoil, there is still some hope to see order or control.

The SigilEdit

Ogama consists of an arch with two small bars and a bar struck through at the top. The arch represents the containment of something and the two small bars jutting out from the arch to give it a firm footing. The bar at the apex of the arch signifies the single power controlling all that is encompassed by the arch.

As a Warrior Stone, Ogama's side points and the one atop its arc are used. As a Booster Stone, Ogama is either connected to the base sigil using the top bar on the arc, or used as a separate sigil.


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