Serve the Order of Infinis

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Altas, Infinis

First Appearance


The Obelisks are giant stone robots, created by the Replicator Stone.


Each is built with a sigil hardened body, meaning most stone attacks will not break it. In order to fly, they are powered by a magma-fuelled jet underneath, which they may use to incinerate RaDosians. They have four appendages, and use them to either attack or grab their targets. Their one eye is able to detect living beings through their environments, as well as fire plasma beams.


The first Obelisk built is sent to find the Pure Stones. It teleports to the location of a Pure Stone signal, which happens to be in the hands of the Defenders. At first it easily overpowers them, but with a constant barrage of attacks, it appears to shut down. However, even this is not enough and it reactivates, and it captures three Defenders and prepares to incinerate them. It is only finally destroyed when Mel freezes it completely, causing it to shatter as it falls to the ground.

While the Defenders fight off one, Flinch is ordered to mass produce the Obelisks. But when the Replicator Stone overloads, it is reprogrammed. The Stone commands all of its Obelisks to destroy all of RaDos. They begin to attack Nazmul's Keep, as well as Mel and Seth when they are searching for the Pinnacle. Banding together, Erik and Flinch are able to shut down the Replicator Stone, along with the Obelisks.


  • The only Obelisk to survive appears later in "What Lies Beneath", buried underground. Seth kills it by ripping out its circuitry.

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