Nova Stone


Ultra Rare

Sigil Type

Ogama, Nega

First Appearance

Trouble in Paradise

The Nova Stone is one of the most powerful stones of all.


It was created by Nazmul and Sari, and was previously owned by Aron the Strong, and is currently owned by his son, Seth. It shoots out an extremely powerful blast of blue energy.

It has its own power source, so that it can be cast even when the caster's stone energy is depleted. When Seth cast it in "The Key to Victory" in order to defeat Malco, it fired a large beam of light. But at the time, Seth's control over it was limited, as the recoil from the stone, knocked him back with the other Defenders.

A portion of its power was later consumed by Brim to construct the Vitus Stone for Seth. Though at the end of the episode, it is shown that Seth was tricked into giving the Nova Stone to Brim.

Nazmul's ImprisonmentEdit

The stone was then recovered by Adam and then was given to Seth to destroy the guardian of the Yin Pure Stone, and also gained complete mastery of its awesome power. However, Brackus then stole it because of its modified prison function was necessary to defeat Nazmul. The function was added on by Brim and Brackus found out about its power through Leizel.

Adam then gets it back for the Defenders and it is then used by Seth to separate Nazmul from Malco and sealed his spirit. Its power assisted later with the Warrior Henge and Kara to destroy the Megalith. However, Malco and Flinch stole it to try to free Nazmul, but were unsuccessful in doing so until the Ethos offered their help.

Malco and Flinch eventually take Brim hostage and use him to break open the Nova Stone, freeing Nazmul's spirit. However, Brim designed it so that it needs another host to contain Nazmul's spirit. After draining the life force from Malco, Nazmul began to walk on RaDos. Only to have his power cut off by Brackus and destroyed by Seth's Nega Mass spell. The Defenders currently hold onto the Nova Stone, and Nazmul's spirit has been vanquished from its confines.

Trivia Edit

  • The Defenders' parents would use the Nova Stone as a badge of office.