Notes from the Underground
Season 2, Episode 11
Airdate December 2, 2007
Production No. 211
Writers Terry Saltsman
Directors Greg Collinson
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Notes from the Underground is the eleventh episode of the second season.


Kara manages to sneak into Malco's keep and replaces the Orb of Ogama-Yan with a stone, and leaves. Meanwhile, Mel furiously tries again with her wizard stones. When she puts them in Seth's hands, they activate, directing them to a desert. Elsewhere, Malco discovers that the orb is missing, so he seeks out Kor-Yinan, the Yan-Nega wizard who tried to betray the Wizards of Yan to the Ethos and was imprisoned in a state of permanent undeath. Awakening the traitor, Malco asks for the location of the next Icon in exchange for a chance at revenge against Melosa.

Meanwhile, the Defenders arrive at their destination only to sink into the ground. Seth meets a young girl named Geo and saves her from giant worms. She brings him back to her home underground, where her grandmother has the other Defenders hostage. They convince her they are not a threat. Geo secretly shows Seth the next Icon, which she and her grandmother call the Source, the means that keeps them alive underground. Knowing that if the Ethos get it first, everything would have been wasted. While Seth distracts Geo, the others try to take the Icon, only to be confronted by Kor-Yinan, who Mel recognizes as the old man who gave her the staff in "Malco Redux". Kor reveals that it was his intention to change the past through use of a projection but she stopped it and now he plans to get his revenge. With his powers, he easily deflects all of their attacks.

However, Kara appears to Mel, restoring her powers so that she can use the wizard stones as armor against Kor-Yinan. They enter a battle to the death. When Mel has him at the end of her spear, with everyone yelling for her to finish him, her emotions take over and Kor takes the Icon. The underground settlement begins to cave in, but Mel uses her powers to bring it to the surface, allowing Geo and her grandmother to experience their greatest wish: to see the upper world. Seth apologizes to Geo for not telling her about the Icon, but she forgives him as she was able to see the world above ground. Mel mentions to Erik and Rion that she thought she saw Kara, but only she was able to see her. In a nearby tree Kara watches them and then disappears.


DiGata Defenders 211 Notes From The Underground

DiGata Defenders 211 Notes From The Underground