Season 2, Episode 24
Airdate June 22, 2008
Production No. 224
Writers Richard Clark
Directors Greg Collinson
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Nightfall is the twenty-fourth episode of the second season.


The fifth Icon is revealed to Rion in a dream, back at the Spell Zone in a Wizard Tower. However, when they get their they are attacked by Ethos-practicing monks, who transform themselves into an Ethos creature. As Seth rushes to help Erik who had fallen, he is taken by the creature and about to be eaten. However, the the metallic orb falls out of his pocket. The monks cease and worship the orb as the great relic of the Creator. Meanwhile at the dojo, Maia and Roodu are employed by Brackus to get the Icons and on the way, meet a boy named Dahr. Maia then has a vision, in which Brackus is destroyed by Seth.

The monks lead them to a wizard tower. It takes off to their origin planet, where their Di-Gata stones are dead, and the same virus seen in "The Lost Children" is lurking. The Defenders are affected by this virus, as it turns them into Prime RaDosians. Suddenly, Doku reveals himself and means to leave them there. However, Seth and the others leap onto the tower as it takes off, but Doku grabs onto Seth wanting the fifth Icon. Seth manages to shove him off and Doku falls to his doom. Back in RaDos, the Defenders, all except Rion, change back to normal.

They find that Brackus has been mortally wounded by K'Tahsh, and Malco now has the other four Icons. As they rush to help, Brackus thinks that Seth is Adam, and reveals to them that he was in the making of betraying them. Seth pulls out the weapon from his chest and Maia, Roodu and Dahr return, running away thinking that Seth destroyed Brackus. Mel tells them that it doesn't matter, because right now the only thing standing between Malco and destroying RaDos is the fifth Icon, currently in her possession.


Di-Gata Defenders 224 Nightfall21:37

Di-Gata Defenders 224 Nightfall


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