Merge Form is the attack that is called out when the caster wants to merge with his/her guardian. It is a very hard spell only a few can master.


Merge Form is easily one of the strongest spells in the Di-Gata universe but also one of the rarest and hardest to master. Only five characters in the whole show have ever been shown to know it. It was first seen with Seth and Kragus. The next, and chronologically the first, was the ancient king who merged with his guardian to form a two head mummy-like creature (Infinimora).

Later on three of the defenders: Seth, Melosa and Rion, acquire the power to merge with their guardians after an accident where Kali sabotaged their dojo's reactor and they had to use their guardians to fix the energy melded them together and gave them the ability to merge and un-merge at will. 

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