Mel on My Mind
Season 2, Episode 22
Airdate May 4, 2008
Production No. 222
Writers Frank Young
Directors Greg Collinson
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Mel on My Mind is the twenty-second episode of the second season.


K'Tahsh finds out where the four Icons are—in possession of the Defenders (which they took from defeating Kor Yin-an). Meanwhile, Brackus is busy training the two young kids. When the Defenders return, Rion and Seth reluctantly decide to train the kids. Erik continued on his carving of the Primordial Sigils, but the materials he used from the dojo cannot withstand the process. He goes to collect Dakocite from the mining town he previously saved. Brackus meets a small pet of the kids' which sprays a pink toxin in his face. Mel manages to clear it away with her powers, but the toxin makes Brackus fall in love with her.

Eventually, Rion also gets sprayed and falls in love with Mel, causing a mixed up love triangle. Seth then puts hard pressure on the kids, having them carry heavy objects up a mountain. After they've completed their task, Seth asks them why they want to be Defenders. Their response was they want to protect the realm very much. Mel calls Erik on how to reverse the "love state": Dakocite Dust. At the Ethos tower, Malco tries to train Si'i, but with little success. The Ethos in Malco decide to personally take down Si'i, and leave his weak body. They then murmur their plans to continue using Malco's body until their plan is complete. Afterwards, the body will be destroyed.

Managing to get away, Malco tells Flinch to run and send for help, just as the Ethos take him over again. Meanwhile, K'Tahsh breaks into the dojo, under the cover of the confusion that the creature's toxin has caused, but can't find the Icons. Mel accidentally gets sprayed, looks in the mirror and falls in love with herself. K'Tahsh falls under the impression that Brackus is making a convincing distraction, with no knowledge of what had transpired here. Seth enters the room and breaks the confusion with Dakocite Dust, K'Tahsh flees. Seth gets sprayed by the creature himself, but the toxin has no effect on him. Rion asks Brackus why Seth was not affected by the toxin. Brackus hypothesizes that Seth may already had feelings for Mel, and the toxin only works when this condition isn't met. Hinting at his true intentions, he then asks Rion where the real location of the Icons were as K'Tahsh could not find them.


Di-Gata Defenders 222 Mel on My Mind21:37

Di-Gata Defenders 222 Mel on My Mind


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