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Marak-Nor is the keeper of the Ogama-Yar temple.


He is of the same race as Tzur, a two-faced rock golem. He is pale blue, with yellow eyes, a blue cape, and loincloth. His upper head does not speak.

When a Life Stone is placed on the monument outside the temple, he is called forth. He begins the trials, to prove if the one wishing to revive a loved one is worthy. They must prove their faith, and confront their fears. Erik had undertaken these trials to revive Kara.


The first trial is a test of faith. It involves the person falling into a volcano, or so it seems, The lava is not real, and the person must realize that and fall though the lava to pass the trial.

The second trial involves the person falling into a swamp, and being attacked by Swamp Slimers. The person must have faith, and allow the monsters to get them to pass the trial.

When both trials are passed, Marak-Nor leads the person to a building where they can speak to their loved one. However, it is here where they learn what they are really wanting to save, themselves, not their loved one.

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