Malco Redux
Season 2, Episode 7
Airdate October 28, 2007
Production No. 207
Writers Terry Saltsman
Directors Greg Collinson
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Malco Redux is the seventh episode of the second season.


The Ethos emissaries use their power to merge with Malco, giving him a tainted color and purple sigil designs. Meanwhile, the Defenders try to find the cause of why Rion turns dark incarnate whenever he gets angered. Mel discovers the existence of an old monastery at Yan-Sumos where the Wizards of Yan first banished the Ethos at an old quarry filled with flat stones. Given a riddle and staff from a cloaked old man, the Defenders discover the monastery with a disk from Aron and the Warrior Henge.

After defeating a monster guardian by destroying the mirrors around it, they are attacked by Malco and Flinch. Rion gets impaled by shrapnel, forcing Erik to take him back to Brackus. While Omnikrag holds off Malco, Seth and Mel proceed through the temple. They discover the Orb of Ogama-Yan that, if aligned with five other Yan objects, can protect RaDos from the Dark Realm. However, Malco attacks again and holds Seth above a bottomless well to get the orb. As he throws the two into the well, the monastery crumbles around them. The two survive, thanks to the staff, and walk into a tunnel, not knowing the old man was following them, showing that he has sharp teeth.


Di Gata Defenders 207 Malco Redux

Di Gata Defenders 207 Malco Redux