First Appearance

A Flaw in the Ointment

Voiced by


Mahir is the leader of a village known as Happy Valley, with the help of his robot Sebastian.


Along his travels, he finds the Flawed Stone, and falls under its spell. He amplifies its power with a generator, believing it brings happiness, prosperity, and good health to the community.

In his village, he sets up an egg factory, which has gained notoriety for its high paying jobs. However, it is not entirely known how this factory works, as the start and end product are both eggs.

Happy ValleyEdit

He welcomes the Defenders to his village, immediately offering them a meal and homes. The others are content as they fall under the spell, but he becomes suspicious of Mel, as she does not.

When she takes the Defenders to destroy the generator, he follows with Sebastian to stop them. However, when Mel does destroy the stone, Mahir finally becomes aware of the stone's illusion and begins the rebuilding of his village.

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