The following are some text pieces from the original Di-Gata Defenders forum, written by Greg Collinson.


  • Distance = Sigilitres
  • Weight = Stones
  • Yes = Sumon
  • No = Negos
  • Thank you = "May the Sigils of Power bless you", "Ogatma-Infinatus" (Ogamagorian knightly order blessing)


  • "As slippery as an Amphitigons Bed" = typical expression by Binnor farmers to describe something that is impossible to move or a person that is sneaky.
  • "Don't cast a gift stone" = typical expression around Ogama-gor, basically means not to insult a gift giver by testing the gift.

Curse and Exclamation:Edit

  • "By the Henge of Yan-Altas!" = a curse usually utter after bad fortune (like hitting your thumb with a hammer), invokes the Henge of Yan-Altas which is thought to protect against evil.
  • "Neg-Yanick!" = curse of unknown origin that can be used in almost any situation.
  • "Rotten Nega-Yanick Rogons!" = not nice and shouldn't be used around your mother!
  • "Dako-Brainer" = very soft insult that is frequently used among friends, a light jibe.

Terms of  Endearment:Edit

  • My Little Yin Blossom
  • Light of Yintos
  • Altamatus Sigilor = As bright as the shining walls of Altamar (out of use now due to the state of Altamar).

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