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Back Track

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Kedar Brown

Kor-Yinan was a Wizard of Yan who fought in the battle between the Ethos and the Wizards in the Battle of Yan-Sumos.


In an attempt to save himself, Kor-Yinan tried to strike a deal with the Ethos: He would give them the Wizards and their Allies, plus information about the tunnel network underneath the temple to do so; in return for a place in the Ethos' rule. On the sidelines, he tried to have his allies make peace with the Ethos, knowing they wouldn't comply.

However, the Ethos were banished to the Dark Realm after the Celestial Abyss was triggered. Mel had told them the Ethos had planned a surprise attack inside the Temple, causing Nazmul to order a portion of Yintos soldiers and Alnar to protect the inner temple.


His traitorous scheme was not discovered until several moons later. As punishment, the wizards put Kor in a state of permanent undeath, the Arkham Mal Rash turning him into a lich, and to be chained as penance. No RaDosian or Ethos know where Kor was sealed. But they feared if his tomb was found, RaDos would have to face his eternal wrath.

He was awakened by Malco to track the remaining Icons of the Celestial Abyss in exchange of release from his current state. Underground, he confronts the Defenders, revealing to Mel that it was he who gave her the staff at Yan-Sumos as a projection. It was his intention that she would find the Eternity Stone and change history, to allow the Ethos to win. But she caught on and ended up restoring the timeline. To get his revenge, he planned to suck her lifeforce. He faced Mel off in a duel to the death. Just as she held him at spear-point, he uses his plea from fifteen years ago to "make peace with the Ethos". He steals the second Icon and escapes, promising that he will have his revenge another day.


Eventually, Kor's obsession for revenge began to conflict with his agreement with the Ethos, so Malco decided he outlived his usefulness. He had Kor's body destroyed by Lady K'tahsh and his chains shattered, but in doing so he unwittingly sets Kor free from the chains. Kor, being undead, survives the assassination attempt, and upon reviving he attacks Malco and Lady K'tahsh and steals the Sacred Icons.

After stealing the fourth Icon, Kor demanded that Melosa meet him in the court where he was judged, where he would judge her for the mistakes the Wizards made. In the process, he accidentally revealed that his attempts for peace were actually to save himself, so he had to kill her. However, he was defeated and ended of his misery.

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