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Koni is a girl who lives in a remote village, hidden in the jungles of Infinor. She speaks an ancient form of Bakkorian.


She happens upon Erik's scanner, and runs over to the river that the Defenders are travelling on. After looking through his scanner, she is spooked, and falls off the waterfall. Erik summons his guardian and rescues her, and is then treated like a God by the villagers for his Di-Gata Stones.

Before the Defenders leave her village, she shows them a scripture of a figure who resembles Erik, with one of the Pure Stones on his crown.

Defenders' AidEdit

She assists the Defenders, with Mel's translation, to find the Shaman and attempt to get the Pure Stone, as they believe he still has it. They follow Koni to what they believe is the Shaman's holy place, and enter using the Phase Stone. Once inside however, Mel realizes that the Pure Stone is not there, and that "the one" their map refers to is actually the Shaman.

They return to the village, only to find that Malco is already there, destroying it. Koni runs over to stop him, but the Defenders presuade to her to stay while they fight. When it appears the Defenders are winning, Flinch runs away, but not without taking Koni hostage. He threatens her life for the Pure Stone.

Before Flinch can act, the Shaman promises to give him the Pure Stone for her freedom. This deal never happens though, as Malco breaks free of Erik's attack, sending debris onto Flinch and letting Koni slip out of his grasp. Flinch tries to attack them, but the Shaman uses his stone and defeats the two, causing them to retreat.

Before the Defenders leave, she gives Erik a kiss on the cheek.