Season 1, Episode 16
Airdate November 26, 2006
Production No. 116
Writers Anita Kapila
Directors Sean Jeffrey
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Den of Thieves

Knowledge is the sixteenth episode of the first season.


Mel dreams of a long lost monastery and a Pure Stone hidden there. Nazmul is able to read her dream and decides that it is Mel - the possessor of such power - whose body he must have as the host for his incorporeal being. He dispatches Malco and Flinch to kidnap Mel, unaware that Brackus has stolen the Key and has gone to the monastery for his own purpose - possession of the Pure Stone. Brackus gets away with the Pure Stone, but all is not lost. The Defenders now have the Key and the realization that their enemies are divided. They may be safe - for a while.


Di Gata Defenders 116 Knowledge21:34

Di Gata Defenders 116 Knowledge


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