King Magnan




Yin, Yan, Sum, Altas



First Appearance

The Cycle

King Magnan is the last of the Bakkorian kings. He is also a Wizard of Yan.


During his reign, he discovered the secret of immortality: to fuse with one's guardian. However this drove him crazy, making him into Infinimora, and he was locked away for centuries in his own palace.

In order to save himself from the madness, he searched for a new host that could absorb his spirit to give him eternal life. He ended up choosing Kara.

New BodyEdit

He had sealed Kara in his sarcophagus under his spell, with plans to retrieve her later. But with the Defenders trying to rescue her, he had to chase her down. He was able to put her back into his spell whenever she stared into his eyes, which he then used to let his spirit split from Voltanis to try to take her over.

The Defenders managed to trick him and seal his spirit into Voltanis' guardian stone, which Flinch stole to give to Nazmul. Nazmul then was told by Magnan about Kara's ability to absorb energy, and then Nazmul destroyed the stone, killing him.

List of SpellsEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • King Magnan had one heir, Prince Harophet, who was killed in the Guardian Wars. It is a popular myth in Yintos that Harophet did have children with Lady Morash (the first Regent of the First Yintosian Dynasty) and that Magnan's blood runs through the aristocracy of Yintos.