Kid Cole




Dako, Nega, Yin


Dark Viper

First Appearance

The Town That Time Forgot

Voiced by

Peter Oldring

Kid Cole is a bandit who frames the Defenders for his crimes, as he raids caravans for their supplies and sells it back to them.

First EncounterEdit

The Defenders come across a town that Cole is raiding. He drives them out, but not before capturing Mel and taking her stones. He ties her up in the centre of town, in order to lure the rest of the Defenders back to save her. Before anything happens though, Adam reveals himself as part of his gang and frees Mel. Cole confronts them, but they are saved by the Defenders and hide in the dojo of the town.

Kid Cole challenges Seth to a duel, and threatens to burn down the town if he does not come alone. As Seth leaves to fight, Cole's gang place a bind on the dojo, locking the rest of the Defenders inside. He also has his men stationed on the roofs of each building to attack Seth, as he does not intend for this to be a fair fight.

Cole's tactics work to his advantage as he quickly overpowers Seth and his guardian is ready to kill him. However, Adam is able to free the Defenders with his Phase Stone, and Mel freezes Cole's guardian just in time. In the confusion Cole's gang attacks the Defenders, trapping them, while Cole continues his fight. When Cole has Seth locked in a sand hand, he confesses his crimes, not knowing that he is being recorded by Seth's necklace.

The confession is then broadcast out loud and clear by Erik's gauntlet to the villagers. After the villagers learn the truth, Seth summons Kragus, who grabs onto Cole before he can flee. He is then arrested and sent to the Gata-Shin prison, escorted by Adam.

Second EncounterEdit

He takes control of a mining town, and forces the people to mine enough Dakocite to make him indestructible armour. He attacks Erik, who, along with Rion, tries to save the villagers. Cole ends up seriously injuring Erik with his new guardian, then kidnaps and holds Jo-Shu hostage. Rion and Erik track him with a trail of stones the boy leaves behind. Rion and Erik defeat Cole, with Brackus' help. Brackus managed to retake control of Dark Viper, and forced it to turn on Cole, causing his armour to break and him to fall. Afterwards, Brackus starts using his new guardian in his battles.

List of SpellsEdit

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  • He appears as an enemy in the DS game.