First Appearance

The Magnificent Two

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Joshu is a boy who lives in the mining village with his father.


He idolizes the Defenders, and spends his time practicing to be like them. He also tries to perform some of the Defenders' casts, like Seth's "Spinning Doom". When his town was taken over by Kid Cole, he ran away to tell the Defenders. They had saved their village, or so they thought. 

Kid Cole kidnaps him, but Joshu leaves a trail of Di-Gata stones for Erik and Rion to follow. They rescue him and defeat Kid Cole when Brackus retakes control over Darkviper, who pushes him from his treehouse base, presumably to his death.

Dakocite DustEdit

Erik returns in the village in "Mel on my Mind" and is greeted by an enthusiastic Joshu, who is more than happy to give him the Dakocite he needs for his stone carving. When Mel calls Erik, asking him how to reverse the love-effect of Azura's pet, he sends Joshu to the dojo with the cure. Joshu arrives during the battle between Seth and K'Tahsh, and the latter knocks the vial out of his hand, releasing the Dakocite dust and curing Mel, Rion, and Brackus.

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